So many people dream of a career in the creative industries, but far less people actually do something about it. And for me, being a graphic designer is a job that dreams are made of – fun, flexible and positively overflowing with color and life. 

I’m not about to be basic about ANYTHING in my life. & that includes showing up for YOU!


Well, hello!

In 2002 I joined the yearbook club. My high school was a tiny cluster of about 300 kids in a rural NH town. I had already taken numerous Graphic Design classes, and knew that it was what I was called to do. This club seemed like a natural next - step. We had more fun picking out class photos, senior superlatives, and often fought over where to put which picture. 

I always think back to our club with great nostalgia, but what I relish most is remembering long hours hovering over the computer, juggling my notebook, an x-acto knife, and different layout designs. The smell of rubber cement and old photographs coming together were captivating and I could spend hours surrounded by these things. It was this club that led me to apply to Fine Arts school to earn my BFA from Colby- Sawyer College. It was this club that started it all for me, and almost 20 years later, I am still surrounded by the very things that light my soul on fire, and make me so excited to wake up and work every single day.

Hey! I'm Courtney

Behind the Screens

I am a total goof-ball, and live to make others laugh.

I don’t take myself too seriously

My current goal is to redesign my kitchen

My goal for 2022 is to take my family to Europe and visit my family in the Netherlands.


When I'm Not Working

You can find me organizing my pantry, meal prepping, cooking, at the fields watching my boys play sports, weeding in the garden (it never ends!) or hiking on the trails close to my house. Most nights I am cuddled on the couch with my puppy Georgia watching reruns of The Office or reading until my eyes hurt.

I could live off of chips and guacamole and my go to drink is a Mojito. 

I live to embarrass my children, or that’s what they think. Coupled with the fact that I am mortifying to them, I also know they wouldn’t have me any other way. I’m not about being basic, especially as a mom. 

I love traveling! I find that it keeps my creativity flowing, and I learn so much about design from other cultures! Seeing new parts of the world inspires me and allows me to rest and reset!

Ft. Lauderdale
Orlando with my FAMILY
Chicago & Baltimore
Cooperstown, NY

Recent places I’ve traveled


From day one Courtney has been an absolute pleasure to work with! She created a new website for our restaurant and exceeded our expectations during the entire process.  She helped us gain new customers and future business relationships. Her creative approach to design has made an attractive platform for our customers to explore what we offer and contact us with ease. Courtney not only is talented at website and logo design but has the knowledge to integrate useful tools into your business that help drive sales and gain repeat business. She’s a wizard!

A welcoming & fun studio specializing in brand & web design strategy for businesses worldwide.